I Care Approach

Lennar Associates put a tremendous amount of
Care into everything we do and touch.


Lennar's "I Care" Poem.

I am once again excited,
For I’ve come to a conclusion.
Our new "I Care" program,
Is our next revolution.

"I Care's" at our Heart,
It echoes through our halls.
While being very big,
We’re acting very small.

I build each home one by one,
"I Care" for each the same.
With forty thousand homes each year,
We must protect our name.

"I Care" for lots of people,
They give us all their trust.
It’s our responsibility,
To know that they need us!

We know a home is everything,
So when we build, we swear.
We’ll build it with our hearts and souls,
We’ll build it with "I Care".

"I Care" is more than just the words,
It’s more than attitude.
It filters through our Company,
It’s everything we do.

"I Care" is our integrity,
Our character, our way.
It is whether we deliver,
On everything we say.

"I Care's" about relationships,
Everyone’s our friend.
With caring we coordinate,
From beginning to the end.

"I Care's" about just me alone,
Because it starts with “I”.
Our reputation is my job,
It’s up to me to try.

So now our "I Care" program,
From here on out will grow.
So it’s 12 basic principles,
All of us must know!

"I Care" – I am a leader,
I’m focused and have fun.
I lead with actions - not my words,
That’s principle number One.

"I Care" with attitude,
It always shines right through.
Cuz when I give my very best,
My team mates give theirs too!

"I Care" about my team,
I never stand alone.
For Three, support and help and guide,
Delivering each home.

Fourth, "I Care" for Customers,
Expectations I exceed.
I promise less and give them more,
Success is guaranteed.

"I Care" stands for training,
All to be the best.
Associates can do great things,
And rise above the rest.

"I Care" about Z Values,
Quality is our goal.
I’ll work all night, to get Six right,
I’ll work with heart and soul.

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