Lennar Culture

To an outsider looking in, Lennar may seem like a strange environment with some unusual traditions – such as wearing name badges and reciting poems. Those of us at Lennar know that environment is full of spirit, enthusiasm, passion and vitality – an environment that makes our Company a very special place to work. Regardless of where we are located, we are bound together as one Company by a strong Culture that is a source of warmth and pride to all of us.

Lennar Z values


At Lennar, we expect all of our Associates to internalize and follow a very simple, yet specific, set of values – we refer to them as our "Z Values"

  • Provide each and every Customer with unparalleled quality, service and value.
  • Conduct our business with the highest degree of integrity, pride, passion and professionalism.
  • Strive for continuous improvement in an atmosphere of creativity, teamwork and trust.
  • Emphasize the Company benefit and contribution to the team effort above individual recognition.
  • Work efficiently to provide the greatest return to our Shareholders.

Our Lennar name badges

Our Lennar Name Badge is an outward sign of an inner accomplishment, a powerful statement, announcing to everyone that we work for one of America's top homebuilders. Our Name Badge is a badge of honor. It displays pride in ourselves and pride in our Company.

Our Lennar family

We operate on a first name basis: no titles, no last names, no special mentions. We believe that everyone in our Lennar Family is important. We down play job titles, and we feel that one activity is just as important as any other. We go about our work in a professional way, yet feel that work should be fun, and that we can all be friendly and cheerful while we are doing our work.

Our family crests

At Lennar everyone’s job is equally important. We created every one of our positions because we need them. That’s why everyone at Lennar proudly wears a Lennar Name Badge - from our Corporate Offices to our Construction Sites, from Welcome Home Centers to Financial Service Centers – coast to coast our Name Badges are worn as our Family Crest.

An invitation

The prominence of our Name Badges invites our Customers, our Business Partners, our personal acquaintances and friends, and even our own Associates to ask about it. What a great opportunity! Once someone asks about our Name Badge, we have a chance to tell the Lennar story. Our Name Badge is our Family Crest and represents our pride in our Company and its successful five-decade history. 

Friendliness statement

Our Name Badge helps our Customers feel at ease. Introductions are often a stressful event for people. Our Name Badge provides our customers with an easy reminder of our names. They will not have to feel awkward about asking our name after they have toured our models. Instead they can feel comfortable about asking questions about our homes.

Our Lennar language

At Lennar, we communicate our ideas and values to others through our own special language. We believe that just as important as what you do is what you say and how you say something. At first, the difference between a "house" and a "home" may seem to be just a couple of letters, but it is really much more than that. ""Home" is a much warmer word. It conveys a sense of belonging, a sense of family, a place of safety, warmth and love. Lennar Associates have a passion for our business – and we reflect that passion in the words we choose.


Wow for Now program


Lennar’s “Wow for Now” program is a fabulous and fun way for individual Associates to recognize and reward a fellow Associate who has shown that they care, and exemplified what “Wow” means to them.

  • When a Lennar Division starts the “Wow for Now” program, a member of management chooses one Associate who exemplifies the “I Care” attitude, and causes people to say “Wow!”
  • The Associate selected is one who has shown that they care, in whatever way, for their fellow Associates, their Customers, their Business Partners or their Community.
  • A member of the management team reads a short poetic description in simple verse of why this Associate was selected. No one really cares if these poems rhyme particularly well or not. It’s the thought that counts. It’s all about recognition.
  • Then they write a short verse describing the person they’ve selected and why. And at the “Wow for Now” gathering on Friday, everyone gathers once again for the award presentation and celebration.
  • During the week, the “Wow for Now” recipient - without any input or suggestion from anyone else - selects the next week’s “Wow for Now.”
  • Then, week after week, this tradition of peer recognition continues to brighten Associates’ days throughout the Company.

The Little Red Hen

The Little Red Hen poem was first introduced at a Division Presidents’ meeting in 1982 and has grown into a Lennar phenomenon. This insightful little rhyme has become a symbol of the way we do things at Lennar.

We not only memorize its lines to recite in front of a crowd, but we also learn its true meaning and how it applies to every department and every Associate in our Company.

It shows us that there is always new ground to discover and new ways of finding success, if only you look for them. The Little Red Hen binds Lennar Associates all across the nation  Download poem

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