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Follow these steps prior to your Activation Appointment.

The Connected Home by Lennar is the first Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Home Design that keeps you connected to the most desired technology brands, with the most advanced products all included at an outstanding value. Enjoy superior connections in every room for all your wireless devices, as well as control lights, audio, locks, and other compatible devices with hands-free voice commands to Alexa on your Amazon Echo device. Away from home? Use specialized apps to answer your video doorbell, adjust your thermostat, and more.

Your purchase of a Connected Home from Lennar includes Amazon activation and support for all your Connectivity features. After move-in, schedule your Smart Home Activation Appointment with Amazon, and follow these simple steps to ready your home for activation.

Set Up Your Internet Service

Schedule an appointment with your local internet service provider to set up service in your Connected Home.

Mobile hotspots will not fully support your Connected Home devices, and your Amazon smart home expert will need a working internet connection to activate your devices. To provide a better home networking experience, Lennar installs Ruckus™ wireless access points throughout your home, and the floorplan is designed using heat maps to verify Wi-Fi signal strength.

When you order internet service, your provider must install the gateway in the structured media enclosure of the master bedroom closet. Ask your provider for internet speeds that will meet your family’s needs but not to set up the connection in “bridge mode.”

Note: Your Amazon smart home expert will provide a Ruckus ICX® 12-port Ethernet switch at activation, through which they will connect your devices to the wireless network.

Create Accounts

Create your Accounts with the technology providers of your Connected Home devices.

For your Amazon smart home expert to successfully set up your devices, they will need the username and password for each account you own with a provider of a smart home product. If you have not done so already, create your Accounts with Amazon, Ring®, Samsung, and all the brands featured in your Connected Home prior to your Activation Appointment. We have simplified this process with the ConnectedHome Setup, an online application that uses your name and email to generate those Accounts you still need. To access the ConnectedHome Setup, simply sign in to your myLennar account, go to the Connected Home section, and click on the “Activation” tab.

At the start, Setup will prompt you to create an encryption key, the purpose of which becomes clear when, at the end of Setup, you receive a confirmation email with an embedded link to retrieve your Accounts’ login information. The encryption key allows you to decrypt and retrieve your information anytime you wish, but otherwise prevents unauthorized access. In the event the original confirmation email is lost or misplaced, a copy of the message and its embedded link will be saved in the “Documents” section of your myLennar account. Should you wish to keep a hard copy of your login details, click here to access and print a ConnectedHome Setup table, which you can then fill out and file away.

Have Your Mobile Device Handy

Have one or more mobile devices available for your Activation Appointment.

Your mobile device gives you control of those few devices that do not sync up with Alexa, and it keeps you connected to your home when you are away, whether you are at the office on the other side of town or on vacation in another state. At your Appointment, your Amazon smart home expert will use your cellular phone or tablet to configure the apps for your smart home products.

Download Apps

Download the apps for your smart home products to your mobile device(s).

Mobile apps for your Amazon Echo device and other Connected Home products give you control of your home at your fingertips. Receive alerts from your Ring® Video Doorbell when visitors ring the bell or manage your Honeywell Lyric thermostat from the airport. It has never been so easy to manage your home when you are away on business or spending the holiday away with family. Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download these free mobile apps: Amazon Alexa, Honeywell Home, Kevo, Lutron Caseta, Ring, SmartThings, and Sonos.

Schedule Your Activation Appointment

Schedule your Smart Home Activation Appointment with Amazon.

Once your internet service is installed, and you have completed the previous steps, it is time to schedule your Smart Home Activation Appointment with Amazon. During your Appointment, your Amazon smart home expert will complete the following actions and services:

  • Hand deliver those devices that are included with the purchase of your Connected Home but were not previously installed during construction;
  • Set up and activate all smart home products that come included with your Connected Home;
  • Create two custom scenes for your home that are voice-controlled with Alexa (e.g., “Alexa, turn on Good Morning”);
  • Discuss your goals and preferences for how your home is automated; and,
  • Teach you how to control your home via your mobile device(s) or voice commands.

For the first 90 days after activation, Amazon provides you with unlimited phone and in-home support to quickly resolve any issues you may encounter. Visit the Amazon Lennar homeowner support page to troubleshoot or request support from an Amazon smart home expert for those products that were included with your Connected Home.

Note: Your Amazon expert will only set up and support those devices that come included with your Connected Home as part of Lennar’s Everything’s Included®. Any outside products you own and/or purchase will not be activated during your Appointment nor will they be supported for those 90 days following your activation.

Enhance Your Smart Home Experience

Shop additional smart home products and home services with Amazon.

Once you have settled into your new Connected Home (post activation), you might consider enhancing your smart home experience by shopping the advanced smart home products and home services we endorse on our Amazon Lennar Recommendations page.

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