December 30, 2016 | Home Tips

Why should you have an annual insurance review?

Because life is constantly changing, it's important to regularly review your insurance policies to make sure they still give you the proper coverage. The beginning of a New Year is a great time to review and update your policy. Our partners at North American Advantage Insurance Services have provided tips to keep in mind as you do your annual policy review.

You should review your policy at least once every year, if not more. Life changes from day to day, and these small changes could have an unforeseen impact on your insurance. Some changes like an upgraded surround system can wait until your review to be mentioned, while other things should be reported immediately, such as:

• If you recently got married or went through a divorce

• If you brought a new baby into the world or adopted a child

• If a new driver will be driving your car

• If you have a new resident living in your home

• If you have purchased any new major pieces of property or luxury items

• If you have started a home business

• If you have upgraded a whole part of your home with new furniture

Often times, your agent will reach out to you because they want to make sure your policy is right for you. Some examples of insurance affecting life changes may seem obvious, but it can never hurt to keep track of even the littlest changes just in case.

Contact North American Advantage Insurance Services for all of your homeowner’s insurance needs. Get the protection you need and let us get you a great policy today! Do not forget to review your policies periodically so that you have the right coverage for you. Keep in mind this information about reviewing your policies.

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