Aerial View of Single Family Front Entry at Braselton Townside

Single Family Front Entry

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Single Family Front Entry is a collection of new homes for sale coming soon to the Braselton Townside masterplan in Braselton, GA. Homeowners will love their proximity to Downtown Braselton, which was designed for walkability. They can attend events on the Town Green or ditch their cars and stretch their legs. Locally owned restaurants are ideal when it’s time for a night out.

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Price Range

$350,900 -


Aerial view of Chateau Elan

Chateau Elan is a North Georgia destination resort with an unusual feature – a winery set in 3,500 acres of rolling hills

Water Wheel at Sells Mill Park

A mill with a water wheel is featured at Sells Mill Park, which also offers walking trails and a picnic pavilion

The town hall is one of the crown jewels of the Braselton National Register Historic District

Aerial view of Michelin Raceway

Visitors to Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta in Braselton can watch car races or attend driving school

Explore homes in this collection

Atlanta Exterior D


$350,900 Starting price1,822 ft² • 4 beds • 2 baths • 1 half bath
Boston Exterior
1 home available


$360,900 Starting price2,178 ft² • 5 beds • 2 baths • 1 half bath
Columbia Exterior
1 home available


$370,900 Starting price2,338 ft² • 5 beds • 2 baths • 1 half bath

Approximate HOA fees • $58.33

Approximate tax rate • 1.41%


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