Next Gen- Two homes. Under one roof.

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Discover Next Gen® - The Home Within a Home®

Two homes. Under one roof.

Two homes. Under one roof. Lennar® is the first home builder to offer a home specifically designed for multigenerational living. The Next Gen® suite provides both privacy and togetherness for today’s modern family—featuring a separate private entrance, bedroom, bathroom, laundry, eat-in kitchenette and living room. Next Gen® The Home Within a Home®, offers innovative floorplans to accommodate your family without sacrificing your comfort. A NextGen® home can give your family significant cost savings and more opportunities for shared moments. Discover how families across America experience Next Gen® living. Lennar offers a variety of the NextGen® floorplan across the Austin Area making it easy to pick the Floorplan for you!

Check out our NextGen® Floorplans!

Take a Virtual Tour of the Hilltop II Floorplan or the Campbell NextGen Floorplan.