Leadership Team

Officers and Senior Management


Lennar Corporate

  • Stuart A. Miller

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Rick Beckwitt


  • Jonathan M. Jaffe

    Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

  • Bruce E. Gross

    Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

  • Diane J. Bessette

    Vice President and Treasurer

  • David Collins


  • Mark Sustana

    Secretary and General Counsel

  • John R. Nygard, III

    Chief Information Officer

  • Michael Petrolino

    Vice President - Taxation

  • Kay L. Howard

    Director - Communications

  • David J. Kaiserman

    President, Lennar Ventures

Lennar Land and Homebuilding

  • Fred Rothman

    Regional President

  • Rob Hutton

    Regional President

  • Jeff Roos

    Regional President

  • Greg McGuff

    Regional President

Lennar Multifamily Communities

  • Todd Farrell


  • Ed Easley

    Regional President

Lennar Financial Services

  • James T. Timmons

    President, Universal American Mortgage Company and Eagle Home Mortgage, Inc .

  • Thomas J. Fischer, Esq.

    President, North American Title Group, Inc.

Rialto Capital Management

  • Jeffrey Krasnoff

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Jay Mantz


  • Eric Feder

    Vice Chairman