Frequently Asked Questions

Homebuying FAQs

Does Lennar have any future communities planned for my area?

To learn more about new communities upcoming in your area of interest, contact us or chat now with an Internet New Home Consultant who can assist you and add you to the interest list to be contacted once additional information becomes available.

What kind of interior design and add-on options do I have for my home?

Lennar’s Everything’s Included homes include the most desired add-ons and extras providing you the best possible value and simplified home buying experience. Everything’s Included and optional features vary by community. Speak with a New Home Consultant for more information or contact us.

Can I make changes to Lennar floorplans?

Contact your New Home Consultant for more information on any floorplan options that are offered in your community of interest.

How do I speak to a Lennar representative in my area of interest?

On, there are a variety of ways that you can contact a Lennar Associate regarding your area or community of interest. At anytime on our site, you can simply click chat now or Contact us. Once you are on the Market, Community or Plan page, click the Request Info button to submit your  contact information and any questions you may have. A Lennar Associate will contact you immediately with additional information.

Does Lennar have any “green” or energy saving initiatives or technologies?

Lennar offers energy efficient features and construction that is economically smart and ecologically responsible. Energy efficient features vary by community, but can include solar roof panels, radiant barrier roof sheathing, Low-E dual pan windows, improved insulation, compact fluorescent bulbs, programmable thermostats and high-efficient Energy Star rated water heater, refrigerator, and dishwashers. Contact your New Home Consultant for more details. 

Do I need a real estate agent to purchase a new home?

No, you do not need a real estate agent to purchase a new Lennar or Village Builders home. Our New Home Consultants are here to assist you before, during and after your new home purchase. The choice to work with a real estate agent is personal and solely yours to make, but please know that your New Home Consultant will be available to answer any questions you have during your entire home buying experience. To find a home that meets your needs or to contact one of our New Home Consultants click here

If I have a real estate agent, does he or she need to visit the Community with me?

Yes, if you choose to work with a real estate agent, your agent is required to accompany and register with you during your first visit to the Welcome Home Center.

What is an Active Adult Community?

Our Active Adult communities are luxurious communities designed for buyers 55+ who deserve the very best and are looking for an array of activities and amenities for their active lifestyles. These communities, currently offered in 12 markets, are age restricted communities, in which one resident must be at least 55 years old, and no one under 19 can permanently reside in the community. For more information on Active Adult communities click here.

How do I determine the taxes for a new home?

Tax rates are based on a per $100 valuation of a home. Your New Home Consultant will have information for you regarding the estimated taxes that will be assessed on your new home. To contact a New Home Consultant in your Community of interest please click here.

Can I build a Lennar home on my own property? 

At this time we do not offer build on your home site services in any of our markets. Should your needs change, or if you are considering purchasing in one of our communities, we would be more than happy to assist you in your new home purchase. To search for a community that meets your needs click here

Where can I find information regarding my previously owned/ current Lennar home (paint colors, cabinet manufacturer, etc.)? 

To receive more information on your home, please contact the Customer Care representative for your community, or click here

How do I contact my HOA?

For more information on how to contact your Homeowners Association, please contact your Customer Care representative, or click here

How do I learn more about financing my new home?

To learn more about financing your Home, please visit Eagle Home Mortgage's dedicated team of Associates will work with you to understand and respond to your individual home buying and financing needs. Eagle Home Mortgage will assist you from loan application to closing, and will monitor the mortgage market to deliver you the best possible rate.

myLennar FAQs

What is myLennar? 

This personalized experience on includes everything you need to move through the process of shopping for, buying and owning your new Lennar home. myLennar’s unique design keeps you organized by putting your preferences, selections and connections right at your fingertips. Create your account today and experience an extra special, simple and rewarding home buying experience as you move in, live in and grown in your new home.

What can I do with a myLennar account? 

myLennar provides features that allow you to schedule and track your services and utilities, schedule a change of address for your new home, find contact information for Lennar associates, access Lennar Rewards and more. Options change depending on your closing date. You will also have exclusive access to your own online new home Scrapbook to commemorate the special moments of shopping for, buying and owning your new Lennar home.

How do I create a myLennar account? 

You can create a myLennar account at anytime on by clicking the “Login/Register” link at the top of any page. If you do not currently have a myLennar account, your account will be automatically set at the time of your new home purchase. If you need assistance, click the contact us link on the top right of any page and send us an email or call us at (800) 532-6993 Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time.

Are myLennar accounts free? 

myLennar is free to Lennar customers. Of course, you will still have to pay for the products or services that you purchase and any associated charges, such as installation fees and taxes, if applicable.

How do I access myLennar Rewards? 

Once you login to your myLennar account, click on "Rewards" in the top navigation. This will take you to a page to view and filter all available special offers. 

How do I exit the service? 

Select "Sign Out" from the top right of any page. 

How do I get help using myLennar? 

Click the contact us link on the top right of any page and send us an email. Call us at (800) 532-6993 Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time.

How do I change my password? 

To change your password, login to your account and select "My account" in the myLennar section of Click on "Change Password." Enter your current and new password in the fields that appear. Confirm your new password and click "Save."

What if I lose my Password or Username? How do I change my password? 

To gain access to myLennar after losing your username or password, click the "Forgot your password?" link on the login screen then follow the instructions to recover your password and/or username.

How do I change or update my account information? 

Once you log in to myLennar, click "My Account," then select "Account information." Click the pencil edit icon to make changes. Update the fields and click "Save" when complete. 

How do I unsubscribe from myLennar emails? 

Your communication preferences can be changed at anytime. Once you log in to myLennar, click "My Account," then select "Account information." Select "Communication Preferences" to make your changes and click "Save" when finished.

Who is responsible for providing the services and products that I order? 

All products or services through this site are directly between you and the provider(s) that you choose, just as if you used the telephone to contact them directly. Lennar is enabling your connection with specific providers; however Lennar does not provide any of the actual services, nor are we responsible for any action or failure on the part of any service provider. Any questions or comments relating to the quality of the service you receive from a service provider should go directly to the service provider. In addition, you may contact us by clicking on the Contact Us link at the top right of any page to comment on the quality of the service you have received from any provider(s).

Scrapbook FAQs

What is Scrapbook?

Scrapbook is a personal timeline to celebrate, commemorate and share the special moments in the life of your home. Document all of your new home firsts, celebrations and family traditions. Share your special moments with friends and family. See what others are sharing in your neighborhood and Lennar communities across the nation.

Who can use Scrapbook?

Anyone with a myLennar account can use Scrapbook, whether you’re shopping for, buying or own a Lennar home. Learn more about myLennar or create an account

Can I use Scrapbook on a mobile device?

View and add to Scrapbook from wherever you are. Post, view and share your special moments from a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

What is a milestone?

Similar to a “post” on your social channels, a milestone is a special moment in the life of your home. From selecting your homesite, to getting the keys to your first home. Memorial Day celebrations, to a new four-legged member of the family – milestones are moments to celebrate. 

How do I add a milestone?

When logged into Scrapbook, via your myLennar account, click “Post your milestone” then click “Upload an image.” If on a mobile device, you can choose to select an image from your library or take a photo. Select the milestone date, add a milestone title and milestone caption. Select your location and category from the drop down menus. Choose if you want the milestone to be public or private. When complete, click “Post your milestone.”

How do I edit a milestone?

You can edit a milestone anytime when viewing your Scrapbook in the default timeline view (denoted by the clock icon). To edit an existing milestone, click “Edit”, make changes, then click “Save” when you are done.

How do I delete a milestone?

You can delete a milestone anytime when viewing your Scrapbook in the default timeline view (denoted by the clock icon).  To delete an existing milestone, click “Edit”, then click “Delete milestone” in the bottom right corner.

What are examples of milestones?

Scrapbook includes a variety of categories to cover a wide-range of special moments that can occur when shopping for and living in your new home. Document your favorite features of the model home. Track the building process. Memorialize all your new home firsts. Celebrate family traditions, old and new. Tell your story.

Need ideas on what to post? Each month, we’ll display a prompt to get you started.

What are some tips for uploading photos?

Upload images to Scrapbook under 3.5MB file size. Scrapbook is designed to work best with horizontal (rather than vertical) images.

What is the difference between a Public and Private milestone?

When creating milestone, you can decide if it will be public or private. If you select private, only you and those who you choose to share your Scrapbook with via email or social channels can view your milestones.

If you select public, your milestones may be displayed on and/or on Lennar’s social media channels. It’s a great way to connect with other homebuyers and homeowners.

You can edit your selection anytime by clicking “edit” in the timeline view of your Scrapbook. 

How do I share my Scrapbook?

To share your Scrapbook by email, click the mail icon next to “Share My Scrapbook” under your timeline. Complete the “To” and “From” fields and enter a message if you’d like. Click “Send Email” when you are ready. The recipient will receive a link to view your Scrapbook.

Next to “Share My Scrapbook” under your timeline, you can click on the Twitter or Facebook icons to share from your account on those sites.

Who can I contact with additional questions about Scrapbook or myLennar?

You may contact a Lennar Associate anytime by clicking the Contact us link at the top of any page on Select myLennar from the drop-down menu, complete the form and submit.

Financing FAQs

Who do I call regarding the loan status?

Once our underwriters have reviewed your loan, a Loan Processor will be assigned to your loan. Your Loan Processor will notify you of your credit approval and work with you in preparation for closing. You can contact them regarding any updates and the status of your loan application.

Who do I send my documentation to?

Your documentation (income and asset statements) should be forwarded to your Loan Processor.

Who do I contact for a closing date on our home?

Please contact your builder or real estate agent for your anticipated closing date on the purchase of your home. If your loan is for a refinance, please contact your Loan Processor to schedule a closing date with the closing agent.

Who do I call regarding locking-in my interest rate?

Please contact your Loan Officer to handle the lock-in process.

Who can I refer my friends and relatives to for a mortgage?

Please have anyone interested in a mortgage call your Loan Officer to discuss their financing needs.

When is my first mortgage payment due?

Your first payment is typically due 30 to 45 days after your closing date.

Where do I send my first payment?

Your first payment should be sent to our Loan Servicing Department at:
Eagle Home Mortgage
Attn: Servicing Department
15550 Lightwave Drive, Suite 200
Clearwater, FL 33760
The phone number is toll free at 1-800-741-8262.

Who do I contact to make a payment by telephone?

Please contact the Loan Servicing Department toll free at 1-800-741-8262. They are available Monday – Friday between 9am and 5pm EST.

Where do I find my loan coupons?

Coupons for your first 3 payments can be found in your closed loan package. If you require additional coupons or assistance please contact our Loan Servicing Department at 1-800-741-8262.

Who do I contact about obtaining my mortgage interest statement for income tax purposes?

Please contact the Loan Servicing Department toll free at 1-800-741-8262. They are available Monday – Friday between 9am and 5pm EST.

How can I obtain a copy of my appraisal?

Please contact your Loan Processor or Loan Officer for assistance.

General FAQs

What system configuration do I need to run this site?

You will need a modern web browser, such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, or Safari, with JavaScript and cookies enabled.

How can I suggest improvements for this site? 

Click the contact us link at the top right of any page. We appreciate and encourage your feedback. 

How can I apply for a career with Lennar? 

We constantly strive to incorporate exceptional people into our company. You can search for a specific opportunity and submit your resume through the careers section of, where you can learn more about associate benefits, company culture, college recruitment and available opportunities.

How do I update my contact preferences? 

Manage all the ways Lennar contacts you via the contact us portion of You may also visit this page to unsubscribe from all email updates. 

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